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133253 - Developmental disability in general practice - Less 'dis-' and more 'ability'

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This active learning module (ALM) will focus on effectively dealing with health vulnerabilities of individuals with developmental disability presenting within the general practice and community settings. 

Discussion will highlight both the importance of diagnostic accuracy and the need to assess functional strengths and weaknesses. 

This ALM will provide ready access to information relevant to patients with 
developmental disability.

Relevance to General Practice

Developmental problems in young children are more common than generally realised. Surveys suggest that up to 15% of children under the age of 5 years may have difficulties in one or more areas of development, including speech and language, motor, social-emotional and cognitive. General practitioners are well placed to monitor a child’s development, detect problems early and to intervene to optimise the child’s development.
In order to address the often challenging clinical scenarios surrounding developmental disability, GPs need to have an understanding of normal development, a strategy to detect the likelihood of problems, and a network of professionals to whom children can be referred when necessary and appropriate. 
Disability is a life-long problem which impacts on the child, their parents and their siblings and the GP may be the only health professional that has known the young person over an extended period, providing important continuity of care.

Learning outcomes
  • Discuss early childhood development and its importance for lifelong health and wellbeing
  • Define the nature and scope of developmental disability as it pertains to the individual and the community
  • Recognise the role of the GP in managing the common health and medical issues associated with developmental disability
  • Identify the services and supports that are available for children and adults with developmental disability in the context of NDIS
  • Ascertain and manage the safety risks specific to the individual with developmental disability within the primary care setting and the community.
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    133253 - Developmental disability in general practice - Less 'dis-' and more 'ability'
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