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133670 - Thyroid & Adrenal Conditions (e-learning module)

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The training is designed to give guidance to General Practitioners in recognising causes, symptoms and signs of clinical and sub-clinical hypothyroidism in their patients. The training will focus on enabling an understanding of thyroid function tests and their ranges; iodine nutrition during pregnancy and the postpartum; management of hypothyroidism, including maternal and foetal aspects. Nutritional biochemistry will be reviewed, including the deficiency of specific nutrients that may be associated with the disease process. Focus will be on evidence-based nutritional and hormonal treatment options and pre-requisites for optimal thyroid health.

Relevance to General Practice

Australia has been classified by WHO as a mildly iodine-deficient country. The main cause of iodine deficiency is low levels of iodine in foods grown in soils that are depleted of iodine, coupled with low intakes of iodine rich fish and seafood.The physiological importance of iodine is its central role in maintaining normal thyroid function. 
Mild iodine deficiency during pregnancy and the neonatal period can have significant effects on childhood development and cognitive development. It is important to support thyroid function by supplying nutrients necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormone, as well as the cellular conversion of T4 to T3. 
To address the re-emergence of population-based iodine deficiency and thyroid disorders, it is essential that GPs as primary carers are able to recognise the preventative role diet and nutrition has in protecting against thyroid disease and developmental risks to the foetus.

Learning outcomes
  • Implement pharmaceutical, nutritional, environmental and dietary strategies for treatment of thyroid disease.
  • Recall the role of the thyroid gland in the body and identify the nutrients and cofactors required for thyroid hormone production.
  • Describe the major clinical signs of hyper and hypo thyroid disease.
  • Identify the appropriate clinical tests and ideal reference ranges to diagnose both clinical and subclinical thyroid disease.
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    133670 - Thyroid & Adrenal Conditions (e-learning module)
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