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134052 - Dietary Fibre / Meningitis Vaccination Webcast

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This webcast is designed to provide the most up-to-date information, latest research, and practical information regarding dietary fibre and the meningitis vaccination. This is a webcast of two lectures from a day conference to make the material available to rural GPs.

Relevance to General Practice

While fibre is still thought of as a faecal bulking agent, it is becoming recognised that the products of its colonic microbial fermentation make a much greater contribution to health. However, community fermentable fibre intakes are low and there is scope to increase consumption with improved patient outcomes. 

New strains of meningitis pathogens are emerging in Australia and there are a number of new vaccines aimed at addressing some of these. This webcast will explain the relevance of these new pathogens, vaccines and how they apply differently to various age and risk groups that GPs will encounter in their day to day practice.

Learning outcomes
  • Enhance understanding of the role of fibre in gut health.
  • Develop understanding of the different sub-types of dietary fibre and the clinical effects of each.
  • Identify strategies for managing new meningitis vaccines for better prevention.
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    134052 - Dietary Fibre / Meningitis Vaccination Webcast
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