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135334 - Obstructive sleep apnoea

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This activity will take GPs through an interactive case study involving a patient experiencing obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). Information covered in this activity will teach GPs how to distinguish between simple snoring and OSA, the consequences of OSA, how to assess sleepiness and driving risk, when to refer patients for suspected OSA, and the various treatment options. 

Relevance to General Practice

The economic cost of OSA to the Australian community is estimated to be $21 billion annually. These costs include direct health costs, cardiovascular complications, and loss of productivity. Studies have found a prevalence of OSA between 5 and 15% in the general middle-aged community. General practitioners play a key role in the diagnosis and management of OSA; they need to be able to distinguish between simple snoring (or other sleep related disorder) and OSA and refer patients for timely assessment and management. 


Learning outcomes
  • distinguish between simple snoring and OSA
  • list four consequences of OSA
  • describe how to assess daytime sleepiness and driving risk
  • discuss when to refer patients for suspected OSA
  • explain the results of a sleep study
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    135334 - Obstructive sleep apnoea
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