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135884 - EMET Acute Management of Sepsis

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This activity will be a six hour face to face workshop learning. It is fully interactive and includes clinical discussion, skills & drills workshops and team-based simulated scenarios. The aim is to provide GPs and medical/ practice staff with skills and education in the acute management of sepsis that they may encounter in their practice.

Relevance to General Practice

Sepsis is the leading cause of mortality, usually due to its late identification and delayed treatment. Early recognition and prompt treatment can increase survival and improve prognosis. The key to recognising sepsis is ensuring both the public and health professionals such as general practitioners are aware of the signs and symptoms, and a thorough assessment is performed across the professional groups to identify sepsis in a timely manner. The key to improving outcome is prompt administration of fluid and inotropes if necessary, for resuscitation and administration of appropriate antibiotics

Learning outcomes
  • Explain the underlying pathophysiology and required emergent management of sepsis.
  • Conduct a primary assessment using the recommended guidelines to identify immediate needs of a patient suffering from sepsis and septic shock.
  • Demonstrate the importance of prompt treatment with fluid resuscitation and appropriate antibiotic administration.
  • Apply principles of clinical and team management in simulated scenarios for an unstable patient and a patient experiencing a conscious collapse.
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    135884 - EMET Acute Management of Sepsis
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