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135931 - check, unit 551, Ophthalmology, July 2018

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This edition of check focuses on the assessment and management of ophthalmological conditions in general practice.

Relevance to General Practice

In Australia, 2.2% of general practice consultations relate to eye health. 
Regular eye checks for patients with diabetes are crucial. Diabetes-related eye conditions accounted for 9.9% of ophthalmologist referrals in 2013–14. 
A painful red eye could be due to uveitis, the most common inflammatory eye condition and can cause significant visual impairment. A white pupil reflex may indicate Coats' disease, persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous, toxoplasmosis, retinal disease or retinoblastoma, among others. Penetrating eye injury should be considered on presentation of sudden, sharp eye pain, particularly in men aged 17–29 years. These conditions require urgent specialist referral. Trachoma can cause scarring, trichiasis and blindness if untreated. Early-stage trachoma can successfully be treated with antibiotics. Posterior vitreous detachment is a common age-related condition, affecting 24% of people aged 50–59 years and up to 87% of people aged 80–89 years. 
(References on file)

Learning outcomes
  • Discuss the management of retinoblastomas
  • Summarise the presentation of retinal detachment
  • Discuss the management of diabetic retinopathy
  • Identify risk factors for trachoma
  • Outline the treatment of penetrating eye injuries.
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    135931 - check, unit 551, Ophthalmology, July 2018
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