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136151 - Perineal Care Module

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Relevance to General Practice

Perineal wound care is a vitally important area for women’s health. It is now well recognised that the majority of women when giving birth will sustain some degree of perineal injury and some will have short and long-term health problems. 

In Australia, 75% of women who have a vaginal birth will sustain some form of perineal tear (AIHW, 2015). 
23 out of 100 women will sustain a graze or 1st degree perineal tear 
26 out of 100 women will sustain a 2nd degree perineal tear 
21 out of 100 women will have an episiotomy 
3 out of 100 women will suffer a 3rd or 4th degree perineal tear (3%) (AIHW, 2016). First and second degree perineal tears are associated with mild morbidity for women (Frohlich et al. 2015). 

Therefore, it is essential that health professionals who provide care and support to women during the childbirth continuum are educated and trained to provide the best care possible based on the most current up-to-date evidence. 

Learning outcomes
  • Correctly identify the anatomical structures of the perineum
  • Describe the antenatal and intrapartum risk factors associated with perineal trauma
  • Identify and recognise the various degrees of perineal trauma (including 3rd/4th degree tear)
  • Understand the evidence based practice that can reduce the severity of perineal trauma during childbirth
  • Describe when an episiotomy should be performed
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    136151 - Perineal Care Module
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