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136658 - Thunderstorm Asthma Clinical Audit

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This audit will be targeted towards GPs practising in areas likely to be affected by thunderstorm asthma (TSA). 
1. GP will review the information about TSA, including updated recommendations. 
2. GP will perform a search/audit of their practice of patients who met the risk factors for TSA. 
3. GP will review the screening/management of risk factors and comment on changes to implement. 
4. GP will create a checklist including updated risk factor and management strategies relevant to their practice workflow.

Relevance to General Practice

On 21st November 2016, a thunderstorm swept through the Melbourne area which resulted in an outbreak of thunderstorm asthma (TSA).[1] This saw a large number of people suffering respiratory symptoms and TSA.[1] An online Asthma Australia consumer survey found that 41.7% of patients who experienced an asthma attack during that period did not have a prior diagnosis of asthma, highlighting an unmet need.[1] In the 2016 TSA event, people with hayfever were more likely to report an asthma attack during the TSA event than people without a history of hayfever.[1] As a result, the National Asthma Council has produced information about TSA, who is at risk and recommendations on how to manage patients at risk.[2] To help GPs identify patients at risk of TSA, this Clinical Audit will update their information and management of these patients in line with recent developments. 
[1]. Asthma Australia’s Thunderstorm Asthma Consumer Survey Report. [2]. National Asthma Council of Australia.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the link between allergic rhinitis and asthma
  • Identify patients at risk of thunderstorm asthma in their practice
  • Review asthma and allergic rhinitis management during the allergy season
  • Counsel patients on managing the risk of asthma events during allergy season
  • Develop a checklist to screen all patients with signs or symptoms of allergic rhinitis or asthma for appropriate management and an action plan during the allerg
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    136658 - Thunderstorm Asthma Clinical Audit
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