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137273 - 'Update on brain stimulation in psychiatry'

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Dr Leo Chen – psychiatrist will discuss power point & case study presentation focusing on the depressed patient treatment pathway. The current treatments available and when neuro stimulation (TMS & ECT) could be considered as a possible treatment option for these patients.

Relevance to General Practice

Patients with mental health concerns are a common presentation in general practice. Major depression disorder (MDD) is a commonly occurring disorder, and with a lifetime prevalence of 17%, it ranks as the second leading cause of disability according to WHO.

Learning outcomes
  • Evaluate the merits of current brain stimulation treatment regimens in psychiatry.
  • Review current brain stimulation regimens and assess when they should be considered for patient with mental health conditions.
  • Identify and implement a recall system for patients who could benefit from a review of current treatments.
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    137273 - 'Update on brain stimulation in psychiatry'
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