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141991 - Introduction to Wound Management

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The Introduction to Wound Management module was developed through an analysis of the literature and in accordance with National and International Standards for Wound Management, consensus documents and evidence based-guidelines. The aim of this online module is to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and understanding needed to assess and manage both acute and chronic wounds in the community as well as in a health care setting.

Relevance to General Practice

The impact of having a wound can take many forms for an individual and their community. A wound may be small and quick to heal, or it could be complex, with significant impact on the person’s quality of life (Kapp, Santamaria, 2017). Pain, function, and cosmesis may be issues impacting on the individual, with possible psychosocial impact such as social isolation. This may affect the way the individual views themselves and their interaction with others in the community. 
The incidence of chronic wounds in Australia is estimated to be 420 000 cases each year. (Pacella et al 2018). Health care costs and loss of productivity add to the cost to the community. Graves and Zheng (2014) investigated the costs of chronic wounds in Australian hospitals and residential care, (pressure injury, diabetic foot ulcer, venous ulcer, arterial insufficiency ulcers 2010 - 2011) and estimated the annual cost at US$2.85 billion, (~2% of the Australian health care budget).

Learning outcomes
  • Differentiate between different modes of wound healing
  • Identify the varying degrees of bacterial involvement in the infection continuum
  • List 4 different wound assessment parameters
  • Identify the 4 physiological balances required for wound bed preparation
  • Identify the actions of 4 different wound management products
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    141991 - Introduction to Wound Management
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