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143373 - Advanced Life Support

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This course will provide essential skills in managing the patient in cardiac arrest. The participant will gain proficiency in recognising the patient in cardiac arrest and have the ability to institute directed lifesaving care with continued resuscitation until assistance arrives. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of a systematic approach to patient care, high level communication and well-organised interdisciplinary teams.

Relevance to General Practice

The inequality in the health and longevity outcomes for patients living in remote and very remote areas with mortality rates 1.4 times as high as compared for those living in a major centre is well documented.1 
Mortality rates rose as remoteness increased for both males and females. The overall mortality rate among Indigenous Australians is nearly twice that of non–Indigenous Australians with death rates in the 30 – 45 age group, at about 5 times the rate for non-Indigenous Australians.1 
While the direct effect of providing continuing medical education through simulated, interactive, face to face learning will benefit patient care,3 the indirect effect of improving recruitment and retention of rural and remote General Practitioners may more broadly impact on health outcomes for rural and remote patients.4 

Learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate application of resuscitation and management plans in accordance with the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines
  • Demonstrate skill in early recognition of the patient requiring Basic Life Support / Advanced Life Support
  • Demonstrate the administration of continuing care until definitive care becomes available
  • Demonstrate appropriate consultation, referral and handover techniques
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    143373 - Advanced Life Support
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