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144794 - Mental health: Managing the double whammy of mental/physical comorbidity

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After participating in this program GPs will gain a better understanding of the prevalence and impact of physical disease in this patient population. The program aims to ensure that GPs are well equipped to conduct appropriate and timely screening and monitoring of patients to prevent the development of physical comorbidities. GPs will be challenged to be assertive in implementing best-practice primary care management of patients with SMI, including implementing routine cardiometabolic screening, effectively managing polypharmacy, and promoting patient engagement and self-care.

Relevance to General Practice

Many national and international studies have shown people living with SMI have significantly higher rates of major physical illness than their counterparts in the general population. According to Australian statistics from the 2010 National Survey of People Living with Psychotic Illness in Australia, over one-quarter (26.8%) of survey participants had heart or circulatory conditions (compared to 16.3% for the general population); and one-fifth (20.5%) had diabetes, which is more than three times the rate seen in the general population. This RACGP-accredited 1.5-hour Category 2 program supports general practitioners (GPs) in monitoring and managing physical comorbidities in people with SMI.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify the risks contributing to the life expectancy gap experienced by people with serious mental illness.
  • Understand the importance of different psychotropic medications in the dev of physical comorbidities, predominately metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes & CVD
  • Conduct appropriate monitoring of patients with serious mental illness to identify and prevent the development of related physical comorbidities
  • Confidently manage the physical consequences of SMI, optimising pharma treatment and intervening to reduce other risk factors for for disease in this population
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    144794 - Mental health: Managing the double whammy of mental/physical comorbidity
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