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147013 - Practice Pearl 2: Definitive diagnosis of melanoma

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This presentation from the Melanoma Institute Australia describes the skills and knowledge required to deliver the definitive diagnosis of melanoma

Relevance to General Practice

Melanoma is the fourth most common cancer in Australia with one in 14 males and one in 23 females expected to develop melanomas in their life time.1 Its incidence has been increasing by 16% in males and 24% in females over the last decade. Melanoma represents 2% of all skin cancers, but causes 75% of skin cancer deaths.Survival from melanoma measured five years after the diagnosis is high if caught early, with 96% alive, if localised, but only 63% if melanoma had spread regionally.2 Unfortunately, only 34% were alive at five years following a presentation with metastatic melanoma. Only 80% of melanomas are diagnosed when localised and this could be improved considerably. Therefore, given the high and increasing incidence of melanoma, and the fact that early diagnosis is associated with high survival rates, there is a clear need to improve early detection and appropriate management of melanoma.

Learning outcomes
  • ? Differentiate between different skin lesions based on dermoscopic appearances
  • ? Identify the optimal biopsy approach for suspected melanoma
  • Develop a systematic approach to analysing skin lesions including safety framework for when and how to review and monitor lesions
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    147013 - Practice Pearl 2: Definitive diagnosis of melanoma
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