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147302 - Radiology and Pathology - Delving into Diagnostics

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Laboratory and radiological investigations are regularly used by GPs to diagnose pathologies, and with one in every two GP visits involving diagnostic referral, testing underpins every aspect of medicine. This Active Learning Module (ALM) aims to provide guidance on which tests are clinically indicated, the interpretation of results and appropriate management. 

This interactive day will include discussions on how to deal with incidentalomas, pre-test and post-test counselling, unexpected findings and how the simple request-form can optimise test outcomes. Pathways and guidelines related to diagnostic testing will be examined, as will matching the correct test to the symptom. 


Relevance to General Practice

There has been a significant increase in the past decade in the amount of diagnostic tests ordered by GPs. This is partly due to the fact that the Australian health sector is highly innovative in adopting new technology. 

This workshop will enhance patient outcomes by providing an increased level of understanding in relation to current guidelines in test result management practices. 

Specialist radiologists will deliver an informative overview on the range of imaging services currently available including prostate imaging, cardiothoracic screening, lung cancer screening and paediatric imaging. 

Specialist Pathologists will present on the six major streams of pathology including biochemistry, haematology, cytology, microbiology, immunology and histopathology. 


Learning outcomes
  • Develop an approach to ordering investigations based on history, examination findings, and relevant clinical guidelines
  • Assess how investigation results guide your clinical decision making
  • Recognise the implications of abnormal results for both practitioner and patient
  • Recognise the role of radiology in screening for cardiovascular disease and lung cancer.
  • Select appropriate imaging for paediatric conditions that present in general practice.
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    147302 - Radiology and Pathology - Delving into Diagnostics
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