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147791 - Diabetes Update Day

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Diabetes Update Day is one-day conference that brings together healthcare professionals including general practitioners and practice nurses to update their diabetes knowledge and skills, build networks and have the opportunity to learn about new products and resources. 
The program has been developed to provide information on emerging trends in the management of diabetes, covering future management strategies, preventing and treating complications and clinical best practice, from some of Australia's leading experts in diabetes. The participants will have access to exhibition of new diabetes related products and resources.

Relevance to General Practice

Diabetes management is a rapidly changing field with new treatments, clinical guidelines, products and resources. General Practitioners (GPs) and practice nurses (PNs) play an integral role in providing support, ongoing care and management of the person diagnosed with or at risk of diabetes. It is important that they continue to stay updated on emerging trends in the management of diabetes to benefit the people they care for. 
The 2019 program was developed using a combination of the needs assessment completed by a range of health professionals that included general practitioners and practice nurses and the results of the evaluation completed by the participants who attended the 2018 Diabetes Update day. Resoundingly, there was interest in a program that provided not only topics currently in the media (based on research) but also how to implement the information into clinical practice.

Learning outcomes
  • Develop or consolidate knowledge around diabetes management principles and strategies
  • Develop or consolidate knowledge on how to initiate insulin therapy for a person with type 2 diabetes
  • Increase awareness of products, programs and/ or services available to support people living with diabetes.
  • Develop or consolidate knowledge of diabetes distress in a primary care setting
  • Develop or consolidate knowledge of the?long-term health risks associated with gestational diabetes
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    147791 - Diabetes Update Day
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