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149896 - AJGP Clinical Challenge January-February 2019: Medico-legal

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Relevance to General Practice

The introduction of mandatory reporting requirements revealed that the health sector experiences the highest number of data breaches of all sectors. As general practices have access to sensitive patient information, it is important for GPs to be aware of privacy obligations to protect the rights of their patients and to minimise the risk of privacy breaches. As social media becomes more widespread, it provides a new platform on which GPs can network with colleagues and share information. However, there are a number of steps that should be taken prior to disclosing patient information online. Actual or potential medico-legal complaints can have significant impacts on GPs, ranging from psychological distress to increases in overprescribing, over-investigating and avoiding certain issues or procedures. Past cases demonstrate that adherence to accepted guidelines will be taken into account if a medico-legal complaint does arise.
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Learning outcomes

  • Identify the steps a health practice can take towards managing its privacy compliance.
  • Discuss the legal and professional obligations related to the use of social media.
  • Identify ways to minimise the impact that medico-legal complaints can have on doctors’ personal and professional lives.
  • Describe how practice in accordance with accepted professional guidelines is likely to be viewed by a court in the event of a professional negligence claim.
149896 - AJGP Clinical Challenge January-February 2019: Medico-legal
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