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154366 - Paediatric IgE Mediated Food Allergies

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This activity aims to update General Practitioners regarding the diagnosis and ongoing management of food allergies in children. It details when to proceed with investigatory testing, particularly what tests to order, for example skin prick test, serum sIgE testing and oral food challenges. It details how to interpret the tests, when to refer to specialists and proceed with appropriate treatments, including Epipen for anaphylaxis, to manage the allergic condition.

Relevance to General Practice

As rates of food allergies rise in Australia, it is becoming increasingly important for General Practitioners to understand and take appropriate action when paediatric allergy cases present to them. GPs can play a significant role in the management of paediatric food allergies, which requires early diagnosis, provision of appropriate investigatory tests and dietary avoidance, referral to specialist services and the establishment of treatment partnerships. In addition, GPs are a crucial and accessible source of knowledge and education for families regarding the management of their child’s ongoing condition.

Learning outcomes
  • Confidently identify IgE mediated food allergies.
  • Know when to order appropriate investigatory tests eg. Skin prick test, serum IgE blood test.
  • Accurately interpret investigatory tests.
  • Confidently complete ASCIA Allergy Mx and Asthma Mx with all families.
  • Know when to prescribe adrenalin autoinjector and educate families on use as part of the Mx.
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    154366 - Paediatric IgE Mediated Food Allergies
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