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154380 - The Child Presenting with Behaviour Difficulties

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This activity provides a broad overview of how to assess and manage children with behaviour difficulties. It describes child behaviour from within the context of the child and their interactions with the external environment. In addition, it equips GPs with behaviour management tools and resources to help make home and school life more harmonious for children, while provide parents with appropriate advice and tools to cope within the home e.g. emotional coaching, behaviour scaffolding, responding to behaviours.

Relevance to General Practice

Children commonly present with behaviour problems, which appear from an interaction between biological vulnerabilities and environmental stress. As a result, these factors impact their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development, throwing obstacles in the way of their reaching important milestones along the road to normal development. 

GPs are ideally placed in the community to intervene where children are displaying behaviour problems, whether it be in the home, at school or both. To do this, GPs should understand normal patterns of behaviour, how to manage behaviour problems and consider referrals to paediatric specialists. In addition, GPs are an accessible and key source of support, reassurance and advice for parents.

Learning outcomes
  • Explain child behaviour from within the context of the child and their interaction with the external environment.
  • Outline the appropriate screening and assessment measures for children presenting with behaviour difficulties.
  • Incorporate appropriate management for children presenting with behaviour difficulties into your practice.
  • Provide appropriate resources and advice to parents of children with behaviour difficulties.
  • Describe when to refer a child with behaviour difficulties for specialist assessment and care.
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    154380 - The Child Presenting with Behaviour Difficulties
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