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154381 - Managing the Unsettled Baby

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This activity provides a comprehensive overview of the assessment and management of an unsettled infant in the general practice setting. Emphasising the importance of taking a thorough history, Dr Sung highlights up to date evidence in managing common medical causes of infant crying. Red flags associated with persistent crying throughout infancy are outlined, as well as when to refer for specialist care. Dr Sung provides practical strategies for communicating with parents, recognising the distress an unsettled baby has on the whole family unit.

Relevance to General Practice

Excessive crying, often referred to as "colic" can be defined as crying >3 hours/day for >3 days/week. It is common that parents perceive lesser amounts of crying as excessive and many present at the GP. Up to 20% of parents report problems with their baby's crying in the first few months of life whilst up to 30% report problems with sleep including difficulties settling their baby to sleep at the start of the night and re-settling them overnight. Many parents feel exhausted and sometimes frustrated by these issues which may or may not have a medical cause. They may be upset, tired, and confused, having received conflicting advice from various health professionals and lay sources such as the internet, family, friends and other parents. The GP is well equipped to assess possible causes of excessive infant crying and associated sleep issues as well as reassuring parents when crying is within the normal ranges throughout infancy.

Learning outcomes
  • Recognise and assess for common causes of the unsettled/crying baby including GORD and CMPA
  • Manage common conditions of an unsettled baby according to the latest evidence
  • Make appropriate referrals for families according to the cause of the persistent early infant crying
  • Provide appropriate explanation, reassurance and resources to families with an unsettled baby
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    154381 - Managing the Unsettled Baby
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