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154382 - Urinary Incontinence and Enuresis in Paediatrics

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The Urinary Incontinence and Enuresis in Paediatrics course aims to assist General Practitioners in the diagnosis and management of common conditions and to identify red-flags for referral to specialist care. The course covers assessment of urinary incontinence, bladder dysfunction and nocturnal enuresis; symptoms and investigations that assist diagnosis; management strategies and referral flowcharts; and approaches to communicating with parents and children.

Relevance to General Practice

Urinary incontinence and nocturnal enuresis, also known as day wetting and bedwetting respectively, involve loss of bladder control in children. Most children will stop wetting in their own time and gain control over their bladder during the day by age four. It is not normal for day wetting to occur in children after four years so it is necessary for parents to seek help from a health professional if this continues to occur. Most children who wet the bed at night will not have underlying physical or emotional problems, though it may cause some distress in the shape of embarrassment, shame and decreased self-esteem, especially as the child gets older. If it does cause distress and causes disruption to the child’s social life, for example it stops them from sleeping over at friend’s houses or school camps, again professional help should be sought by parents. Parents are advised to see a GP if there is concern or if the child is concerned by their incontinence whether it be day wetting,

Learning outcomes
  • Implement a referral process for paediatric patients with bladder dysfunction or enuresis for specialist/tertiary  care.
  • Explain common signs and symptoms of paediatric bladder dysfuncti on.
  • Outline diagnostic/assessment processes for paediatric urinary inco ntinence
  •  Incorporate appropriate treatment/management of paediatric ur inary incontinence.
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    154382 - Urinary Incontinence and Enuresis in Paediatrics
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