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154664 - Skin Cancer Pathology Clinical Audit

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The data collected during the audit will be collected from the pathology request form that is sent to Southern Sun Pathology with the specimen for analysis. 
Data will be collected for an initial period of 3 months followed by a further 3 month period for comparison.

Relevance to General Practice

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with two out of three Australians diagnosed with a skin cancer by the time they are seventy years old. Early diagnosis of skin cancer provides the best outcomes, if detected early most skin cancers are successfully treated. 
It is vital that GPs have benchmark data to compare their malignant and non-malignant pick-up rate for skin cancers. The skin cancer audit provides GPs with a self-auditing tool whereby they can measure their performance with other clinicians. The audit also importantly assists GPs to be able to identify areas of improvement. This results in better patient management with skin cancers detected earlier and treated efficiently while minimizing unnecessary procedures for benign lesions. 

Learning outcomes
  • Accurately detect suspicious lesions
  • Compare performance with peers and identify areas of practice that can be improved
  • Develop an effective management plan for patients that have skin cancers and require follow up ensuring enhanced patient safety
  • Perform procedures within benchmarks and therefore avoid unnecessary procedures
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    154664 - Skin Cancer Pathology Clinical Audit
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