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155710 - Evolving Trends in Practice

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A series of presentations by expert specialists in the fields of genetics, emergency medicine and colo-rectal disorders. The lectures will provide up-to-date information in a relaxed interactive style including case studies and ample opportunity for discussion. For more information copy and paste https://unconventional.com.au/conference/galapagos/

Relevance to General Practice

Genetics -As the first point of contact, general practitioners (GPs) are well placed to investigate various presentations that are suggestive of genetic disorders, coordinate long-term care and offer advice regarding genetic screening. 
Emergency Medicine -Emergencies are an every day occurrence in general practice. We need to be able to recognise the emergency, assess its severity and put in place a management plan in a relatively short time. In a limited resource environment this may also mean being responsible for managing the emergency until further help becomes available. 
Colo-rectal disorders - The Gut Foundation estimates that half of the Australian population experiences some type of digestive issue in any 12-month period.In 2013–14, gastrointestinal disorders in Australia amounted to approximately $3.5 million in admitted patient care.

Learning outcomes
  • Counsel and advise patients about a number of genetic disorders and refer for further investigation and management appropriately.
  • Manage a number of emergency presentations and prepare patients for hospital transfer and admission.
  • Investigate and manage some common colo-rectal disorders.
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    155710 - Evolving Trends in Practice
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