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156246 - Primary Care Triple P Provider Training Course

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To provide advanced knowledge and skills in the delivery of brief, targeted parenting support through the delivery of the Primary Care Triple P program. Covers common child behavioural, developmental and emotional problems; a range of strategies to promote child development; and practical, skills-based training in consultation skills necessary for the delivery of time-limited, effective family interventions.

Relevance to General Practice

Each year one in seven (13.6%) 4-11 year-olds in Australia experience a diagnosable mental health condition, with externalising problems the most common. 

Parent-based interventions have a broad empirical base for supporting children’s mental health, particularly externalising disorders . 

GPs are the first point of contact for most Australians, and GPs have a crucial role to play in strengthening infant and child emotional and social wellbeing, and recognising when a child may be at risk of developing mental health difficulties. 

By offering training in skills for conducting effective parenting consultations, GPs will be more familiar with the signs of early mental health and behavioural issues with children aged up to 12, have conversations with parents about their child’s development and health, and provide evidence-based intervention based on brief behavioural parent training approaches.

Learning outcomes
  • Distinguish between normal & clinically-significant parenting challenges requiring referral to more intensive support using contemporary assessment measures
  • Hypothesise why challenging behaviour occurs in children aged up to 12
  • Work with parents to select appropriate and effective strategies to promote more developmentally appropriate behaviour
  • Develop a comprehensive parenting plan derived from the parent's experience of family dynamics and child behaviour, for parents of children aged up to 12
  • Monitor parents' progress with their parenting plan to detect areas of strength & difficulty to inform parent goal setting & enhance successful implementation
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    156246 - Primary Care Triple P Provider Training Course
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