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157888 - Immune Conditions - Online Learning module

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ACNEM presents a new Active Learning Module on Immune Conditions. This module will explore the biological, nutritional and environmental influences on the immune system. Our specialist presenters will bring their clinical experience and knowledge to explain an integrative approach to the treatment of chronic immune conditions commonly see in practice. Targeted nutritional treatment starategies for the prevention and treatment of immune conditions, as well dietary recommendations will be explored.

Relevance to General Practice

Allergic diseases have become an increasingly important chronic disease and public health issue in Australia over the last two decades. Autoimmune diseases have also registered an alarming rise worldwide in recent years. 1.15 million people in Australia suffer from autoimmune diseases. 
Strong evidence indicates that the immune system's ability to distinguish self from nonself is negatively impacted by genetic factors, dietary and other environmental triggers. The gut-associated immune system not only plays a vital role in providing host defence against pathogens within the gastrointestinal lumen but also in generating tolerogenic responses to harmless micro-organisms and to food components. 
With more than 4 million Australians affected there is a critical need to support GPs with evidence-based, up to date information and strategies for managing immune-related conditions.

Learning outcomes
  • 1.Discuss the interaction between the human microbiota and the immune system.
  • 2. List and assess potential micronutrient deficiencies that impair immune function.
  • 3.Discuss the role of the mitochondria in regulating activation, differentiation, and survival of immune cells.
  • 4.Implement lifestyle and dietary recommendations for improving health outcomes for patients with chronic immune conditions such as CIRS & CFS.
  • 5.List and assess potential environmental exposures that impair immune function.
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    157888 - Immune Conditions - Online Learning module
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