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158203 - Building Therapeutic Communication Capacity in Gippsland

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Gippsland Regional Palliative Care Consortium (GRPCC) and Gippsland PHN are partnering to provide training to general practitioners and practice nurses on evidence based therapeutic communications skills in the context of palliative care. The communication skills learned within these workshops are transferrable across the breadth of care for all patients. Experienced communication skills facilitators and a professionally trained actor are used in each workshop to provide feedback to participants who practice and improve their communication skills in a role-play format.

Relevance to General Practice

In the cancer and palliative care context particularly, therapeutic communication is critical to identify patients’ goals of care. Communication needs of patients include the need for information, assistance in the relief of pain and symptoms, an opportunity to disclose feelings, ability to maintain a sense of control, and a need for knowing that their life had meaning and purpose. Communication needs of family members include the need for information; permission to speak, and to be listened to as they face the decline and death of their loved one. (and attached)

Learning outcomes
  • Integrate ‘communication frameworks’ to enhance patient engagement in the context of the palliative care setting and more broadly across the care of all patient
  • Distinguish emotion cues to elicit and respond effectively to patient emotions
  • Identify and develop skills to improve awareness of and capacity to manage their own vulnerabilities when conducting difficult conversations with patients
  • Generate a plan to partner with patients and colleagues to elicit effective communication to ensure patient care and safety in the palliative care setting.
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    158203 - Building Therapeutic Communication Capacity in Gippsland
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