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158531 - Integrative Cancer Care - Online Learning Module

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ACNEM’s Integrative Cancer Care module will explore the evidence-informed specialty area of integrative oncology. Our specialist presenters will bring their clinical experience and knowledge on the application of nutritional and environmental medicine in collaboration with conventional medical practice. Current scientific evidence for the effectiveness of treatment modalities including clinical testing, nutritional recommendations, dietary manipulation, lifestyle modification, environmental factors and other therapeutic interventions will be explored.

Relevance to General Practice

GPs, as primary carers, play a pivotal role in educating their patients in dietary and lifestyle measures that can mitigate their individual risk factors for developing cancer. Primary prevention has been flagged as a critical priority for improving cancer outcomes. Optimal nutrition can help patients deal with the effects of cancer and its treatment and may improve prognosis. Cancer treatments that affect nutrition include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and stem cell transplant. Cancer and cancer treatments may affect taste, smell, appetite and the ability to eat enough food or absorb nutrients from food. Malnutrition can cause the patient to become weak and unable to fight infections or tolerate cancer treatments. 
The regular and ongoing doctor/patient relationship established in general practice represents an opportunity for the promotion of risk-reducing lifestyle, nutrition and diet behaviours, as well as in the management of various stages of cancer.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the metabolic theory of cancer and the impact of inflammation on the pathogenesis of cancer.
  • Outline the detrimental influence of the modern environment, diet and lifestyle on the development of specific cancer types.
  • Identify the role of diet and nutrition in the prevention and management of cancer.
  • Communicate the importance of early intervention for cellular health and a systems biology approach to management.
  • Develop a systematic integrative approach to making dietary & lifestyle recommendations for the primary prevention and supportive care of patients with cancer.
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    158531 - Integrative Cancer Care - Online Learning Module
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