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159237 - ALM: How to Treat Live - Paediatric Health Update 2019

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An update on some of the most commonly presenting yet challenging conditions of the skin, eyes, and lungs, through interactive case studies that are relevant to GP practice. Expert immunologists, psychologists and gynaecologists will detail how to recognise and manage food allergy, behavioural and psychological issues, and paediatric and adolescent gynaecological problems. They will provide an update on the latest evidence and current best practice for the youngest of patients.

Relevance to General Practice

BEACH data from 2015-16 shows that patients aged under 25 years accounted for 19.3% of GP patient encounters, with respiratory problems, particularly upper respiratory tract infections, asthma, and acute bronchitis /bronchiolitis, accounting for 19.5 visits in 100. 

This active learning module has been developed to include a series of interactive case studies, presentations, and panel discussions between a range of expert healthcare professionals to highlight the importance of an engaged, multidisciplinary and holistic approach towards improving the health of the youngest of patients. It covers the important health issues children present with frequently in general practice, as well as discussing some chronic and unusual conditions to enable early and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Learning outcomes
  • Detail how to take a focused history and assessment of children presenting with common conditions including skin rashes, shortness of breath and eye disorders.
  • Describe the conditions causing shortness of breath in children and when to refer to ensure patient safety.
  • List the common eye conditions of infancy, red flags on history and examination, and explain the management of these conditions.
  • Describe investigations to accurately diagnose intolerance or food allergy in a paediatric patient and outline appropriate management and when to refer.
  • Outline assessment techniques for behavioural and psychological issues in children and adolescents.
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    159237 - ALM: How to Treat Live - Paediatric Health Update 2019
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