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159339 - 2019 Airway and Ventilation Emergency Workshop

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Problems with the airway are the final common pathway leading to death across a broad range of pathologies, including trauma, neurological emergencies and toxicological emergencies. A range of strategies to address these problems can be used, ranging from simple measures through to intubation and ventilation. Having the skills required to recognise airway problems, and apply the correct strategies according to the clinical context can be lifesaving (1). Unfortunately, unless working in a theatre-suite, opportunities to practise these skills in a systematic approach are not available in day-to-day practise.

Relevance to General Practice

It has been recognised that Emergency Departments and urgent services in smaller hospitals in regional and rural areas are staffed by doctors who may not be specifically trained in emergency care. The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) has therefore developed a program to address these shortcomings, known as the Emergency Medicine Education and Training (EMET) program. This allows local Emergency Physicians to provide training and support in rural hospitals and health centres. It also increases links, collegiality and respect between the clinicians in both directions; the emergency physicians invariably gain an understanding of the constraints the general practitioners are working under (3)

Learning outcomes
  • Identify airway problems in the emergency patient
  • Demonstrate simple manoeuvres to correct airway issues
  • Demonstrate a safe, protocol based approach to securing the airway (intubation) in the emergency patient
  • Demonstrate the motor skills required for routine intubation in the unconscious patient
  • Utilise a protocol and course materials to make safe decisions in the control of a mechanical ventilator
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    159339 - 2019 Airway and Ventilation Emergency Workshop
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