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159409 - Mental Health, Medicinal Cannabis and Nutritional Medicine

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Research indicates that mental health conditions are some of the most common conditions that patients use medicinal cannabis for. Yet few healthcare practitioners know much about medicinal cannabis or other nutritional approaches to the treatment of mental health disorders. Whether or not you want to or can use medicinal cannabis as a treatment option or not, you need to know the facts so that you can answer questions from your patients. 

This one-day conference explores what medicinal cannabis is, the endocannabinoid system, delivery methods and pharmacokinetics/ dynamics, its evidence base in the treatment of a range of mental health conditions. It will also cover other nutritional medicine approaches to moods and mental health. The conference features keynote speaker Dr Sue Sisley MD, PhD who is an expert in PTSD and medicinal cannabis and a host of Australian academics and clinicians.

Relevance to General Practice

Research indicates that mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and PTSD are common reasons why people use cannabis. An increasing number of Australians are using medicinal cannabis. GPs need to understand its evidence-base.

Learning outcomes
  • 1. Describe the endocannabinoid system and argue the physiological basis for potential efficacy of medicinal cannabis.
  • 2. Differentiate various forms of medicinal cannabis and their routes of delivery, including how these impact therapeutically.
  • 3. Argue the evidence base for the use of medicinal cannabis in a range of mental health conditions.
  • 4. Discuss the importance of gut health in relation to mental health, and provide advice on some nutritional medicine approaches to improving mental health.
  • 5. Evaluate evidence associated with safety of medicinal cannabis, including differentiating data associated with recreational versus medicinal use.
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    159409 - Mental Health, Medicinal Cannabis and Nutritional Medicine
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