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160116 - Cardiology Update 1 (in a series of 6) - Valvular Heart Disease

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This update has been developed with a GP focus in order to expand the understanding of diagnostic and management strategies for patients presenting with signs and symptoms of Valvular Heart Disease. A specialist cardiologist will review and examine

Relevance to General Practice

Aortic stenosis & mitral regurgitation are the two most common valvular heart lesions. Delayed diagnosis & referral of patients with valvular heart disease is common, & has a negative impact on the outcome in patients with Aortic Stenosis. There is a large variation in access to valve surgery & percutaneous valve intervention across the country. Health professionals in primary care are generally the 1st point of contact for people with symptoms of severe valvular heart disease & are well situated to provide early diagnosis & facilitate referral for specialist management. 
The incidence of aortic stenosis & mitral regurgitation increases with age, hence a proportion of patients are not suitable for surgery or pose high surgical risk. TAVI is now considered the 1st line treatment option for severe aortic stenosis patients with high surgical risk. Percutaneous mitral intervention is an established therapy for the treatment of mitral regurgitation in the high surgical risk population.

Learning outcomes
  • Will be able to conduct the initial evaluation of a cardiac murmur, recognising the signs and symptoms of valvular heart disease.
  • Will be able to describe the indications for intervention for common valvular pathologies
  • Be able to explain surgical & percutaneous treatment options for managing valvular disease & define which patients gain benefit from a percutaneous approach
  • Be able to implement strategies ensuring continuity of patient care with valvular heart disease (extended version on evaluation form) (*patient safety)
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    160116 - Cardiology Update 1 (in a series of 6) - Valvular Heart Disease
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