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160123 - Cardiology Update 2 (in a series of 6) - Approach to chest pain

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This update has been developed with a GP focus in order to expand the understanding of diagnostic and management strategies for patients presenting with chest pain. A specialist cardiologist will review and examine evidence, patient case studies and the available diagnostic and the treatment options available to General Practitioners.

Relevance to General Practice

Chest pain is a common GP presentation, which, because of its diverse & potentially serious causes, requires careful & often urgent assessment. For patients with suspected cardiac cause, one of the aims of initial assessment is to differentiate patients who require urgent hospital-based assessment for possible acute coronary syndrome (ACS) from those with more stable symptoms who may be investigated on an outpatient basis. This latter group typically require testing for underlying myocardial ischaemia. “Significant recent advances in the clinical approach to patients with acute chest pain, including better understanding of risk stratification, increasingly sensitive cardiac biomarkers & new non-invasive tests for coronary disease, can help clinicians minimise the risk of unexpected short-term adverse cardiac events.” The choice of diagnostic testing is vast & 1 test does not fit all patients.

Learning outcomes
  • Will be able to evaluate a patient presenting with chest pain and describe appropriate initial management
  • Will be able to describe the investigations available for assessing cardiac causes of chest pain and their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Will be able to outline the basic management algorithms for stable angina versus acute coronary syndrome and, unstable angina
  • Will be able to implement strategies that ensure continuity of care of patients with angina or following acute coronary syndrome including robust recall systems
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    160123 - Cardiology Update 2 (in a series of 6) - Approach to chest pain
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