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160140 - Cardiology Update 3 (in a series of 6) - Heart Failure, Part A: The dyspnoea patient

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This update has been developed with a GP focus in order to expand the understanding of diagnostic and management strategies for patients presenting with dyspnoea, in the context of heart failure. A specialist cardiologist will review and examine evidence, patient case studies and the available diagnostic and the treatment options available to General Practitioners

Relevance to General Practice

Recent updates to Australian Clinical Guidelines for the prevention, detection and management of Heart Failure requires that GPs are provided with a detailed review on the identification, investigation and management of heart failure. 

Heart failure is present in 1–2% of the Australian population. It is predominantly a disease of the elderly, present in up to 10% of those aged over 80, and this prevalence is rising. The type of heart failure determines its treatment. Diagnosis and management of most patients with heart failure occurs at an outpatient level, with the GP playing a central role in initial diagnosis, counselling, regular assessment of fluid status, titration and monitoring of medications as well as end-of-life care.

Learning outcomes
  • Will be able to recognise dyspnoea as a presentation of heart failure and provide appropriate initial management
  • Will be able to identify symptoms and signs that suggest heart failure as the cause of dyspnoea
  • Will be able to list the causes of heart failure, with particular emphasis on those factors that are reversible or amenable to treatment strategies
  • Will be able to initiate a rational and thorough evaluation of patients with suspected heart failure
  • Be able to implement strategies that ensure continuity of care of patients with heart failure including robust recall systems (expanded version on attached)
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    160140 - Cardiology Update 3 (in a series of 6) - Heart Failure, Part A: The dyspnoea patient
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