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160212 - Cardiology Update 6 (in a series of 6) - Dyslipidaemia

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This update has been developed with a GP focus in order to expand the understanding of diagnostic and management strategies for patients presenting with dyslipidaemia. A specialist cardiologist will review and examine evidence, patient case studies and the available diagnostic and the treatment options available to General Practitioners.

Relevance to General Practice

Cardiovascular disease resulting from atherosclerosis of the arterial vessel wall and thrombosis, is the leading cause of premature mortality and disability adjusted life years, in developed countries. The main clinical entities are coronary artery disease, ischaemic stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. Whilst the causes are multifactorial, dyslipidaemia is a common risk factor and represents an important target in cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment. 

Dyslipidaemias cover a broad spectrum of lipid abnormalities and may relate to genetic predisposition, co-morbidities and/or lifestyle factors. In patients with dyslipidaemia, both the indication for treatment and the desired treatment target vary depending on the patient's individual cardiovascular risk.

Learning outcomes
  • Will be able to assess modifiable and non-modifiable cardiovascular risk factors
  • Will be able to develop updated counselling skills on lifestyle modification and on current therapeutic modalities for dyslipidaemia
  • Will be able to discuss the role of cardiovascular risk assessment and factors that must be considered prior to commencing lipid-modifying therapy
  • Will be able to recognise side effects associated with statins and implement a framework for identifying and managing these symptoms.
  • Will be able to implement strategies to improve the management of patients who have been prescribed lipid-modifying therapy (expanded version attached)
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    160212 - Cardiology Update 6 (in a series of 6) - Dyslipidaemia
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