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160677 - Mental Health Forum | Finding voice and value through mental health partnerships

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A vision of modern mental health service reminds us that we began with benevolent isolation, for those who heard voices. From isolation to inclusion, today we ask to hear the voices of people with lived experience of severe and enduring mental illness. Immense transformation has informed this journey; social, artistic, scientific, technological and legislative. We need to be innovative partners to ensure holistic delivery of care and wellbeing across the trajectory of the person and the community. This includes finding value in new opportunities.

Relevance to General Practice

The Department of Health’s ‘National Framework for recovery-oriented Mental Health Services (Guide for Practitioners & Providers)’ states that core principles for recovery-oriented mental health services include acknowledging and accepting the centrality of people with lived experience in their own recovery, mental health services seek to create environments enable people to direct their own lives and meet the needs they have identified. Mental health care acknowledges and is tailored to peoples’ preferences, life circumstances and aspirations and to their family and personal supports.” Mental health services recognise and account for the multiple elements that affect individuals’ wellbeing including personal beliefs, cultural background, values, social and family contexts, physical health ...”. Shared decision making is an important element to holistic care, providing an opportunity for patients and their GP to explore and select 'best fit' mental health care options moving forward.

Learning outcomes
  • Recognise the importance of shared decision making in mental health care management
  • Explore relevant Mental Health legislation
  • Recognise the importance of continuity of care and a cohesive team approach to mental health

    160677 - Mental Health Forum | Finding voice and value through mental health partnerships
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