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161232 - RACGP SJT Question Writing

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This activity aims to introduce GPs to the specific format used to write Situational Judgement Test (SJT) questions for the Candidate Assessment Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT) that is delivered for entry to the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. It will cover assessment at the level of entry to the program, outline important elements to consider when writing SJTs and provide a structured forum in which to practice writing and reviewing items with peers, in a supported learning environment.

Relevance to General Practice

Situational judgement tests (SJTs) are part of the RACGP selection assessment for entry into general practice training in Australia. SJTs provide a reliable method for measuring important non-academic attributes (such as empathy, integrity and teamwork) that are important for education, training and practice in general practice.[1] SJTs are significant positive predictors of all components of the FRACGP end-of-training assessment.[2] 
SJTs are important to select the most suitable applicants into general practice training in terms of measuring attributes that are not explicitly measured in other selection assessments. [3] 
The activity trains GPs on how to write SJT questions for use in the national CAAKT, which seeks to assess the suitability of potential candidates for entry in to general practice, as part of the RACGP's selection process. Through this process, the RACGP seeks to align selection into GP training with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of an RACGP fellow. 

Learning outcomes
  • Define current core skills in the RACGP curriculum, including those relating to patient safety.
  • Identify components of soundly constructed SJT questions that can be used to accurately assess performance of CAAKT candidates against the assessment criteria.
  • Produce SJT questions that are appropriately mapped to the RACGP curriculum and which can be used in the CAAKT as measures of candidate performance.
  • Identify medico-legal requirements, professional behaviour and ethical approaches to patient presentations.
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    161232 - RACGP SJT Question Writing
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