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161592 - Reproductive Health Seminar

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Provide GPs with up to date information regarding reproductive health and available testing.

Relevance to General Practice

The National Women’s Health Strategy 2020-2030 has identified five priority areas, with actions, that will deliver a multifaceted approach to improving the health outcomes for women and girls in Australia. Each of these priority areas contributes towards the overall purpose and objectives of the Strategy. 
The five areas are: 
1. Maternal, sexual and reproductive health 
2. Healthy ageing 
3. Chronic conditions and preventive health 
4. Mental health 
5. Health impacts of violence against women and girls 
Whilst these priority areas are inter-related this seminar will focus on part of the first priority – reproductive health.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the variation in risks of single-gene versus chromosomal childhood-onset disorders at different maternal
  • Understand the rationale for selecting genes for reproductive carrier screening, and the situations in which carrier screening is not recommended
  • Understand the medical consequences for carrier parent and affected child of mutations responsible for cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, Fragile X syndr
  • Appreciate the need for a patient-centred approach to care that ensures the patients are adequately supported to maintain patient safety while offering the opti
  • Appreciate the benefits of testing before conception rather than in early pregnancy
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    161592 - Reproductive Health Seminar
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