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162440 - Hot Topics Series Webcast - 30/07/2019

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The Hot Topics Webcast is a succinct evening seminar that will be addressing common issues encountered in GP in Australia. It is comprised of 3 lectures, each 30 mins in duration, delivered by leading expert clinicians. These lectures have been recorded from Healthed’s l face to face events and have been converted to special format that display both powerpoint slides and speaker’s “talking head”. Only those lectures that are highly rated by GPs at the face to face event are used for the webcast. Topics have been selected in accordance with GP need and relevance. This seminar will cover three common issues in GP: testosterone supplementation in older men; iron deficiency and its atypical presentations; and a guide to detection and management of reproductive coercion.

Relevance to General Practice

Use of testosterone for older males is increasingly popular this is a known cardiovascular risk associated with testosterone supplementation therefore it is important for GPs to understand which patients are at higher risk and how to balance these against the potential benefits.Iron deficiency in Australia is a common problem as from 2013 to 2014, there were 42,466 potentially preventable hospitalisations for iron deficiency anaemia1 and primary care is strategically placed for early intervention. While most GPs understand how to manage straightforward cases of IDA, there are many ways in which it can present that are atypical such as in association with obesity, infection. Domestic violence is a common problem encountered in Australian yet GPS are often poorly prepared in how to manage these issues. GPs should screen women and adolescent girls for intimate partner violence and reproductive and sexual coercion at periodic intervals. 

Learning outcomes
  • Develop appropriate knowledge of current “best practice” use of testosterone in older males
  • Improve ability to detect, assess and manage iron deficiency in atypical situations
  • Improve knowledge about reproductive coercion and how this can be detected and managed
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    162440 - Hot Topics Series Webcast - 30/07/2019
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