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162681 - Clear communication for better asthma control in adults

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A 2-hour interactive case-based eTutorial on engaging patients to better manage their asthma, with an emphasis on practical consultation skills for improved communication for better patient outcomes

Relevance to General Practice

Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world. The way in which clinicians perceive their patients' asthma control may influence asthma management. A sub-study of the Australian Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH) program surveyed 2563 patients from 103 GPs. Asthma control was measured using the Asthma Control Questionnaire 5-item version (ACQ-5). GPs believed asthma was well controlled in 74.5% of patients and 77.4% of patients felt that asthma had little or no impact on their lives. However, the grouped ACQ- 5 scores showed only 52.2% patients to be classified as ‘well controlled’ and 31.8% ‘uncontrolled’, suggesting that the patients’ asthma was less well controlled than either GPs or patients perceived.

Learning outcomes
  • Educate patients about their asthma management with increased confidence
  • Effectively communicate patient-centred approaches to optimise asthma control
  • Develop individualised approaches to achieve asthma control in adults within current Australian management guidelines, taking into account factors that may h
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    162681 - Clear communication for better asthma control in adults
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