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162847 - Breaking the Silence – Talking to patients about weight loss

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The aim of this workshop is to increase practitioner confidence and skills to raise the topic of weight with patients and follow Australian best practice guidelines to support patients in weight management. The workshop will detail evidence-based information on how to effectively engage in the weight loss conversation as part of routine care. A range of practical information, support and resources will be provided to aid the conversation with patients around achieving a healthy weight, including intervening early to reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Relevance to General Practice

One of Australia's leading health concerns are the effects of overweight/obesity on health outcomes. < than 1/3 of premature deaths are the result of chronic diseases that could have been prevented through nutrition and healthy weight. 1/4 adults are obese, < the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer among other health problems. The accumulation of body fat, particularly around the waist, increases the risk of several cancers. Encouraged interventions are adequate nutrition, physical activity and support for behaviour change. GPs/nurses play an important role in encouraging healthy behaviours/behaviour change. They can influence a patient's health by providing advice and care that is appropriate and evidence based. GPs advice to lose weight < patient motivation to lose weight. However many express lacking confidence in managing obese patients, limiting the delivery of weight-management care. Therefore GP training in this area could < obese patient's motivation.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the 5As, an international evidence-based brief intervention framework, and confidently be able to deliver brief weight management intervention
  • Review procedures to improve patient safety by checking in with every patient their risk of chronic disease due to being overweight/obese
  • Explain the behaviour change process, and how people succeed in achieving a health body weight
  • Explain the important role you play, and your duty of care with respect to weight management
  • Identify current services, as well as the latest resources to help support conversations with clients around achieving a healthy weight
162847 - Breaking the Silence – Talking to patients about weight loss
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