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163781 - Cabrini GP Symposium 2019 - The New Era in Cancer Care

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This ALM entitled The New Era in Cancer Care will include latest updates on areas relevant to a GP's practice including diagnosis, treatment and symptom management for common cancers such as skin, pancreatic, breast, colorectal and blood cancers. It also addresses physical and psychosocial needs of cancer patients and survivors and the role the GP has in this. GP's will have the opportunity to discuss the new Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation, introduced on 19 June 2019 and the implications for healthcare providers.

Relevance to General Practice

General practitioners (GPs) have a crucial role in the diagnosis and management of cancer. Most patients diagnosed with cancer had initially consulted a GP about their symptoms; therefore GPs are pivotal in the timely diagnosis of cancer. It is essential that GPs regularly maintain & update their knowledge & skills required to identify & investigate potential symptoms of a wide range of cancers, & implement the recommended care pathways. The challenges of meeting the range of physical & psychosocial needs of an escalating number of cancer survivors has led to the development of alternative models of cancer follow-up. General practice has an important role in the holistic care of cancer survivors & could take on an expanded role in cancer follow-up. GPs need to be up to date with the very latest treatments and modalities in cancer care in a collaborative care model. Cabrini is the second largest cancer service provider in Victoria with comprehensive diagnostic, surgical & medical care.

Learning outcomes

  • Examine the complexity of chronic pain in cancer patients & the benefits of a multidimensional approach to its assessment & management to ensure patient safety
  • Describe the benefits and pitfalls of immunotherapy and how to manage symptoms in the GP setting
  • Outline the pathways and legalities of Voluntary Assisted Dying and describe Cabrini’s position
  • Discuss the role of exercise & nutrition for people diagnosed with cancer & the resources available to GPs to optimise patient adherence to the recommendations
  • Apply techniques to discuss patients sexual health & intimacy concerns & explore mental well-being & support for cancer patients & families within GP setting
163781 - Cabrini GP Symposium 2019 - The New Era in Cancer Care
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