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164003 - Basic CPR - St Andrews War Memorial Hospital

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To update General Practitioners on the latest Basic Life Support guidelines, as per Australian Resuscitation Council, December, 2010, including - but not limited to - competence in chest compressions and rescue breathing.

Relevance to General Practice

General practitioners are more likely to see acute serious illness in the early stages when early recognition of warning signs may be life saving. Early treatment and prompt resuscitation may help prevent disease exacerbation's and avoid conditions deteriorating into more serious and potentially life-threatening conditions. Emergency situations may require GPs to provide clear instructions to staff, take control of situations and demonstrate the ability to lead the general practice or another team. This may occur inside and/or outside the general practice setting, where leadership skills in sometimes chaotic and dangerous settings are critical to effective emergency management.

Learning outcomes
  • To discuss the rationale and evidence base behind these new resuscitation guidelines.
  • To demonstrate and practice Basic Life Support and reinforce good chest compression, rescue breath technique, rate and ratio.
  • To demonstrate and practice the use of a semi-automatic defibrillator.
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    164003 - Basic CPR - St Andrews War Memorial Hospital
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