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164772 - Lung Cancer, Osteoarthritis and Challenging Palliative Care

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he aim of this activity is to assist GP's in gaining knowledge about Lung Cancer, Osteoarthritis and Palliative Care and managing cancer pain. 
They will be invited to participate in discussion on best practice in these areas of patient care.

Relevance to General Practice

Palliative Care. 
Palliative care is comprehensive, continuing, multidisciplinary patient care that involves the patients and their carers, consultants, nurses, social workers, clergy and other health professionals who are able to contribute to optimal team care. 

The impact of musculoskeletal conditions on the Australian community is significant, and it therefore impacts on General Practice. As our population increases and ages, the number of people requiring care will increase, but the resources required to prevent and manage these conditions, which are often complex and challenging are limited. 
Lung Cancer. 
Apart from non-melanoma skin cancer, lung cancer is the most common cancer in Australia in terms of incidence and death, accounting for at least 20% of cancer deaths.

Learning outcomes
  • To identify the challenges of opioid analgesia in cancer patients with longer survival.
  • To outline the evolving role of palliative care with increasing use of modern cancer therapies.
  • To develop a pharmacological and non pharmacological treatment plan for Osteoarthritis.
  • To incorporate exercise treatment as part of the prescription for Osteoarthritis in particular Hydrotherapy.
  • To explain CT features suggesting primary lung cancer.
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    164772 - Lung Cancer, Osteoarthritis and Challenging Palliative Care
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