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164779 - Quality Improvement in General Practice

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Implementing data cleansing procedures and quality improvement models of care as well as identifying data-driven mechanisms to improve the quality of primary care service delivery 

Relevance to General Practice

The quality of patient health records kept by general practices is an important factor in safe and effective healthcare. 

With changes to the way primary care is delivered the quality of this information is more important than ever. Aside from contributing to effective, safe and personalised patient care, general practice health records may also serve a number of other purposes, including providing data for research and policy, contributing to education, and providing healthcare evidence for medicolegal purposes. 

Maintaining high-quality health records is not always regarded as a priority by general practices or GPs. Competing demands on busy clinicians and practice staff mean the importance of health record quality is often overlooked, and some may not be aware of what is expected of health records.

Learning outcomes
  • Explain the importance of improving general practice data quality
  • Carry out clinical auditing exercises to identify patients at risk of poor health outcomes
  • Demonstrate a structured methodical way of undertaking, documenting and monitoring a Quality Improvement Initiative
  • Understand the details of upcoming changes to primary care practice incentive program and how that affect general practices
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    164779 - Quality Improvement in General Practice
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