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164784 - Northside Group: Managing Addiction in Primary Care - Alcohol and other substances

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An opportunity for GPs and their colleagues to discuss the assessment, management and support of people with alcohol and other substance addictions and explore ways of improving the quality of patient care.

Relevance to General Practice

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) says Australians are now presenting to their GP with mental health issues more than any other health concern. 
(Past) President of the RACGP Dr Bastian Seidel said mental health issues, including depression, mood disorders and anxiety, now dominate GPs’ time.
“It is not musculoskeletal problems patients are presenting with most often, or cardiovascular disease – the stock standard medical presentations we always hear about,” Dr Seidel said. 
“It is psychological issues GPs are dealing with most of the time.” 
Mental health was cited as a top-three issue by 65% of female GPs and 53% of male GPs in the RACGP’s benchmark annual report, General Practice: Health of the Nation 2017. 
Dr Seidel said psychological issues are often connected with other issues that patients may be experiencing, including ill health and social circumstances. 

Learning outcomes
  • Identify people at risk of substance use disorders
  • Develop a care plan for substance withdrawal management in primary care
  • Implement a protocol for the ongoing management of these patients in primary care
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    164784 - Northside Group: Managing Addiction in Primary Care - Alcohol and other substances
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