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164824 - EMET Trauma

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Dr Harvey Hunt, FACEM will provide GPs in Griffith and Leeton areas with an opportunity to access a full day workshop discussing various trauma presentations these medical practitioners may encounter in rural hospitals and teaching trauma assessment and management from the Emergency Management perspective.

Relevance to General Practice

Rural practitioners are required to manage various trauma cases without the benefit of a skilled multidisciplinary team; with limited numbers of trained staff, and with less frequent exposure to such cases leading to degradation of skills and less confidence in managing such cases. Additionally the trauma patient may be known to members of the rural team leading to psychological constraints in their management. 
In summary the EMET Trauma workshops will help fulfill the need for rural practitioners to be conversant in management of the trauma patient, and for the practitioner to be more confident in the way they manage trauma, both leading to better rural trauma outcomes. 
These skills and confidence will lead to promoting rural practitioner well being, and retention. 
Please see attached Needs Assessment for more information.

Learning outcomes
  • Perform an assessment and management of airways, breathing, circulation, disability and other associated injuries of severe trauma patients
  • Identify the most appropriate radiological investigation: CT, ultrasound or plain x-rays when assessing trauma patients
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in triaging trauma patients
  • Implement systems and processes to facilitate good team communication, handover and crisis management in the emergency settings
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    164824 - EMET Trauma
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