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165069 - "Come & Play with MSK" An Update on Musculoskeletal Injuries

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Full day hands-on workshop discussing work related head, neck, foot, ankle, hand and wrist injuries. Including splinting techniques for hand and wrist fractures.

Relevance to General Practice

In the past 12 months, approximately 43 per 1,000 individuals have experience a work place injury in Australia. In 2013/14 BEACH data, General Practitioners managed a work related injury at a rate of 2.3 per 100 encounters. Work related injuries account for 1.5% of all problems managed in General Practice. Ankle injuries occur in 16.7% of all slips, trips and falls in the work place. In the 2013-14 time period there were 9,660 work injury claims in Australia relating to the foot and ankle. Fractures made up 10% of the total work injury claims made in 2017 across Australia. Serious hand injuries make up 57.8% of injuries caused by hitting objects, 37.7% of injuries caused by being hit by moving objects and 30.6% of injuries caused by heat & electricity. Work related head and neck injuries accounted for 5,885 claims across Australia in the 2013-14 time period.

Learning outcomes
  • Assess and describe the appropriate diagnostic tests & treatment of common work-related head & neck injuries
  • Discuss the multidisciplinary assessment and management of foot & ankle techniques
  • Perform appropriate taping, bandaging and bracing techniques for patients presenting with a foot or ankle injury
  • Describe the assessment and treatment options of hand and wrist injuries including splinting techniques
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    165069 - "Come & Play with MSK" An Update on Musculoskeletal Injuries
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