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165366 - Good bug, bad bug - Exploring the gut microbiome

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The aim of this presentation is to provide a snapshot of the emerging research, interest and clinical application of the gut microbiome and its medical relevance to current practice in Gastroenterology.

Relevance to General Practice

It is acknowledged that there is a substantial burden of colorectal cancer and increasing trend in young adults highlighting the importance of lifestyle modification as a complement to screening for colorectal cancer prevention. The gut microbiota has been recognised to play an important role in colorectal tumorigenesis. With increasing data supporting that environmental factors are crucial determinants for the gut microbial composition and function.

Learning outcomes
  • Comprehend the relationship between humans, their microbes and the environment to better understand the maintenance of health and management of diseases
  • Recognise the importance of gut microbiota in colorectal (CRC) cancer prevention and provide lifestyle modification and dietary advice as a compliment to CRC
  • Define what a prebiotic and probiotic is and appreciate why their use is controversial
  • Comprehend the role of Fruit Fecal Microbiota transplant in management of Clostridium Difficile infections and introduce current research pursuits.
  • Identify diet, lifestyle and external factors which can influence gut microbiome to promote gut health and potentially reduce the incidence of CRC, NASH and I
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    165366 - Good bug, bad bug - Exploring the gut microbiome
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