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165533 - ‘Multidisciplinary Approach to Opioid Rationalisation in Pain Management’ - Joyce McSwan - 30/08/19 -Emerald

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A presentation on the multidisciplinary approach to opioid rationalisation in pain management. Identifying how all clinical staff can support each other and influence the patient towards opioid rationalisation and enhance utilization of non pharmacological strategies

Relevance to General Practice

In managing opioid dependence, GPs can employ skills similar to those used with other chronic illnesses that require sustained modification of behaviour and lifestyle. Assessing patients with chronic pain includes a full medical history and detailed examination according to a biopsychosocial approach and applying ‘universal precautions’ to make a misuse risk assessment (Holiday, Hayes & Dunlop, 2013). A management plan should consider a range of non-opioid modalities, with a focus on active rather than passive strategies. Integrated multidisciplinary pain services have been shown to improve pain and function outcomes for patients with complex 
While the numbers of heroin dependent Australians may have fallen since the estimated 74 000 at the end of the last century, an increase in amounts of opioids prescribed for persisting pain disorders means the recognition and management of opioid dependence should be an essential skill for general practitioners

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the current evidence and recommendations of opioid management in the treatment of non-cancer chronic pain.
  • Evaluate the risk vs benefits of opioid use in non-cancer chronic pain.
  • Implement practical processes into practice to mitigate risk of opioid prescribing and opioid de-prescribing strategies.
  • Identify and apply appropriate utilization of evidence based non-pharmacological approaches to managing non-cancer chronic pain management.
  • Describe the role multidisciplinary teams can play in the management of chronic pain patients taking opioids to achieve quality use of medicines.
165533 - ‘Multidisciplinary Approach to Opioid Rationalisation in Pain Management’ - Joyce McSwan - 30/08/19 -Emerald
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