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165614 - Inflammatory Skin Diseases Workshop for GPs

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A 1-day, highly interactive workshop for GPs to review their skills in the examination, diagnosis and management of inflammatory skin disorders commonly seen in General Practice. This workshop has been developed by specialist dermatologist educators and combines lectures and small group sessions with ‘live-patient’ case scenarios to upskill GPs and improve their confidence.

Relevance to General Practice

• Dermatology accounts for nearly 16% of patient encounters in general practice. 
• Dermatology teaching is known to be variable and often inadequate in many Australian medical schools, with omissions of some common and important inflammatory dermatoses. 
• “The reported prevalence of psoriasis in countries ranges between 0.09% and 11.4%, making psoriasis a serious global problem.” The incidence of psoriasis in Australia is estimated at 2.3% of the population. 
• GPs have a significant role to play in participating in public health measures aimed at reducing the significant health burden of some dermatological conditions.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the aetiology/pathology of common inflammatory skin disorders
  • Identify potential complications from prolonged topical steroid use and how to avoid these (*patient safety)
  • Formulate/outline appropriate management plans for common inflammatory skin disorders (*patient safety)
  • Implement appropriate resources to support patients with significant and debilitating inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Know when to refer for specialist care. (*patient safety)
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    165614 - Inflammatory Skin Diseases Workshop for GPs
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