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166074 - Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference

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The international Preventing Overdiagnosis scientific conference aims to: be a platform for research dissemination on the problem of overdiagnosis and potential solutions; encourage development and evaluation of strategies to communicate about overdiagnosis; encourage the development of a community of clinicians, researchers, policy-makers, and citizen advocates coalescing around the problem of overdiagnosis.

Relevance to General Practice

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Learning outcomes
  • GPs will be able to describe the concept and scope of the problem of overdiagnosis, as well as potential solutions.
  • GPs will be able to list conditions known to be susceptible to overdiagnosis, as defined by the evidence-base.
  • GPs will be able to apply their new knowledge of overdiagnosis, including its potential to harm, to critically appraise their practice with a view to patient sa
  • GPs will be able synthesise their new knowledge of overdiagnosis with their practice and understanding of the health system. They will be able to identify and a
  • GPs will be able to apply their new knowledge of overdiagnosis to ensure that diagnoses are evidence-based and relevant to the needs of the patient.
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    166074 - Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference
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